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Though the V2500 fleet is still growing, the end of production is in sight. Ian Harbison spoke with two of the main MRO providers and the OEM itself on future prospects
Fast reaction times and meticulous planning are required to get an aircraft back in the air. The challenges can vary by location, size and severity, as Ian Harbison discovers


Ian Harbison
Air Transport Publications will be holding its second Cabin Repair and Refurbishment Conference in London on 14 June. Once again, we will be covering every aspect of the subject, from design through to implementation in the hangar.

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50 Fokker aircraft sales in 2015 bookmark
Fokker Technologies, a division of GKN Aerospace, announces that a total of 50 Fokker aircraft were sold to 10 existing Fokker operators and three new operators during 2015.
Saab invests in IFS Applications 9 bookmark

Saab invests in IFS Applications 9 to improve IT efficiency and expands IFS to its South African operations.