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Volume 14, June 2012 | Contents

Family planning bookmark
Demand for Airbus A320 heavy maintenance is running at record levels. Ian Goold takes a look at current trends
Longhaul legend bookmark
The General Electric CF6 large turbofan continues to be in production after 40 years. Over 7,000 engines have been delivered in that time, and an astonishing 68% of those engines are still in service today with 250 operators in 87 countries. Ian Harbison spoke to some key players in the thriving MRO market
Russian renewal bookmark
Recognising that aircraft maintenance is a business in its own right, Russia’s S7 Group has decided to handle it accordingly and with a view to capturing a promising market. Tom Zaitsev reports from Moscow and Novosibirsk
The Singapore phoenix bookmark
Airbus has provided a summary of the work involved in getting the Qantas Airbus A380 back into the air after it suffered a catastrophic failure of one of its Rolls-Royce Trent engines just after takeoff from Singapore
June 2012