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Volume 14, June 2012 | Contents

Clearer skies ahead bookmark
David Stewart of aviation consultancy ICF SH&E forecasts the growth sectors for the worldwide MRO market to 2021
Editorial comment - June 2012 bookmark
The last few months have seen the loss of over 7,000 jobs in the international MRO market. The demise of Aveos in Canada, amid much acrimony between the company and Air Canada, saw the loss of around 2,600 jobs. American Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection, resulting in a workforce reduction of approximately 4,300 positions, of which 2,100 will be at the Tulsa maintenance base, while the other 1,200 will go with the closure of the Alliance Fort Worth facility.
Family planning bookmark
Demand for Airbus A320 heavy maintenance is running at record levels. Ian Goold takes a look at current trends
Gearing up bookmark
After something of a hiatus that followed the global financial crisis of 2008, landing gear shops are becoming busy again, and are likely to be even busier in the future. George Marsh reports
Island outpost bookmark
Lufthansa Technik Malta is using its mid-Mediterranean location to attract customers from Europe and Africa. Ian Harbison reports from Luqa
Longhaul legend bookmark
The General Electric CF6 large turbofan continues to be in production after 40 years. Over 7,000 engines have been delivered in that time, and an astonishing 68% of those engines are still in service today with 250 operators in 87 countries. Ian Harbison spoke to some key players in the thriving MRO market
Out for the count bookmark
Inventory control has become much more than counting items in and out of the warehouse, as software developments have enabled operators to bring sophistication to the process. MRO Management looks at three different applications
Passing interest bookmark
SWISS AviationTraining is looking forward to some new technology as its maintenance training programme expands
Russian renewal bookmark
Recognising that aircraft maintenance is a business in its own right, Russia’s S7 Group has decided to handle it accordingly and with a view to capturing a promising market. Tom Zaitsev reports from Moscow and Novosibirsk
The name’s bond bookmark
Following last quarter’s analysis of composite repairs, Dr Christian Sauer, Manager Engineering, Airframe Related Component Services at Lufthansa Technik, speaks to MRO Management about his views on bonded repairs of composite fuselages, and previews LHT preparations for this activity
June 2012