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Volume 15, December 2013 | Contents

Bridging the gap bookmark
There will soon be more Boeing 747-400 freighters than passenger variants as airlines retire increasing numbers of the one-and-a-half-deck quad-jet, which will be 25 years old in early 2014. Now, the design’s latest maintenance review rationalises requirements with those for the new 747-8 variant, as Ian Goold reports
Broad brush bookmark
Air Livery is celebrating 21 years in business and, pushed by new investors, is experiencing rapid growth. Ian Harbison reports
Colouring composites bookmark
As the next generation aircraft use more and more composites in their construction, painting these exotic materials throws up some challenges. George Marsh reports
Editorial comment – December 2013 bookmark
People in aviation are used to the industry being vilified as a major source of carbon dioxide emissions and noise, even if the criticism often flies in the face of the facts.
End of the road bookmark
With a number of new entrants, aircraft recycling is becoming an ever more attractive business but despite this, there is always a need for an airfield and storage. Ian Harbison reports
Inside story bookmark
External paint always attracts the most attention but the cabin has its own technologies and unique characteristics. Ian Harbison reports on how advancements in paints and application techniques are revolutionising the interior space
Mix and match bookmark
Swiss AviationSoftware operates across a wide range of airlines and MROs and has to work with an equally wide range of ERP systems. The key is adaptability
R-R at LHR bookmark
MRO Management is the first publication to get a glimpse of the new London Heathrow Service Centre (LHRSC) for Rolls-Royce. Ian Harbison reports
Spin to win bookmark
Fokker Services is celebrating 20 years of its ABACUS component availability programme, something that forms part of an ever widening array of services that includes aircraft from other manufacturers. Ian Harbison reports
Steady progress bookmark
JorAMCo is learning the lessons from improvements to reach out to wider markets, both customers and aircraft types. Ian Harbison reports
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