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Volume 15, March 2013 | Contents

A breath of fresh air bookmark
Air travellers today are more concerned than ever about the quality of the air they breathe while flying – to the extent that visible attention to this could become a service differentiator for airlines. George Marsh investigates
Do it yourself bookmark
When British Airways Engineering introduced a new enterprise resource planning system, the changes affected the entire organisation
Editorial comment - March 2013 bookmark
Has the environment gone off the boil for the aviation industry? Compared to coverage a few years ago it seems there is little happening on the green scene these days.
Feeling the heat bookmark
Thermography is finding new ways to look for problems in aircraft structures and systems. Ian Harbison takes a closer look
Getting ready bookmark
The clock is ticking as the delivery of Virgin Atlantic Airways’ first Boeing 787 gets nearer. Ian Harbison visited its London Heathrow base to check on the progress
Ghost in the machine bookmark
Imagine a hangar where there are two aircraft in for overhaul. One is on an A check, the other is on a C check. A hive of activity surrounds the first, while the other is silent and deserted. Fortunately, this nightmare scenario for many MRO managers is not what it seems
Putting people first bookmark
Helping staff to better understand their working environment and the sometimes subtle pressures that affect their well-being can have a beneficial effect on accident rates
Room to grow bookmark
Future prospects are bright for CFM56 MRO as the number of engines in service continues to increase. Ian Harbison reports
Small fortune bookmark
Marilake Aero Systems is proving that there is still a niche for small, flexible companies to survive in an increasingly tough and complex aviation environment
Smart integration bookmark
Embraer is introducing new product support offers and health monitoring solutions to help E-Jet family operators – now and in the future
March 2013