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Volume 16, December 2014 | Contents

100 = 30 bookmark
The PW100 engine family is celebrating its 30th birthday this year, but the fleet continues to grow. Ian Harbison spoke to some of the leading MRO players
Bounce back bookmark
Demand for freighters is growing as the worldwide economy, and subsequently the cargo industry, begins to recover. Ian Harbison spoke to the leading conversion contenders for their views on the market
Collection boxes bookmark
This has been a bumper year for new hangar projects, especially in the US. The main economic drivers have been subsidies and incentives from local government and development agencies, which see commercial MRO as a way of attracting high-quality jobs and boosting the local economy, providing a return on their investment. Ian Harbison reports
Editorial comment – December 2014 bookmark
Is the worldwide MRO market set for a shake up in the next few years? A number of factors are in play that seem to suggest change is in the pipeline.
Fit to flex bookmark
Airbus has been moving from fixed intervals between maintenance events to a less rigid concept aimed at increasing aircraft availability and reducing maintenance costs. The manufacturer tells Ian Goold how and why programmes have to be adjusted to optimise overall aircraft maintenance
For the record bookmark
Technical record keeping is easier than ever before, thanks to MRO IT solutions like Commsoft’s OASES and AMOS from Swiss-AS, whose functionality goes well beyond recording and storage. But, as Paul E. Eden discovers, a lack of standards in record format and data transfer continue to hamper the industry
In at the deep end bookmark
Ian Harbison reports from the 110th IATP Conference in Seattle
Power braking bookmark
Manufacturers are looking at new technology to improve the efficiency of aircraft brakes, but this may have an effect on their maintenance. George Marsh reports
Situations vacant bookmark
The industry is still suffering from shortages of engineers, but there is a need for companies and education providers to work together. Ian Harbison reports on a UK example that might be finding its way to a solution
Star turn bookmark
Lufthansa Technik has been taking care of a unique aircraft – the SOFIA flying observatory. Ian Harbison takes a close-up look in Hamburg
December 2014