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Volume 17, June 2015 | Contents

Airbus at your service bookmark
Airbus Customer Services employs almost 5,000 people to provide aftermarket support, ranging from technical and spare parts to aircraft upgrades or crew and personnel training. Ian Goold investigates their myriad activities, which include support for A300s that are almost 40 years old, through to the latest A350s just entering service
Constant change bookmark
Virgin Atlantic has been going through a major fleet change, including the introduction of the Boeing 787. Ian Harbison reports from Heathrow
Damage control bookmark
Occasionally going unreported, aircraft ground damage costs the industry several billion dollars a year, both directly and indirectly, and often results in ground crews being injured on duty disproportionately more frequently than air crews. Mario Pierobon reports on one of the current hot topics in aviation management
Editorial comment – June 2015 bookmark
As Editor of MRO Management and Aircraft Cabin Management, it is clear that aircraft interiors are becoming ever more important to MRO organisations. At the high end of the market, complex designs and advanced materials, as well as IFEC systems, are calling for greater daily maintenance to keep up appearances and to keep passengers happy.
Inner focus bookmark
Airline Services Limited has undergone a series of changes in the last year and is now looking to get more involved in cabin work
Mixed reception bookmark
Airbus has been frustrated in its efforts to gather enough information about overhaul and repair of its A330 twin-aisle twinjet and A340 twin-aisle ‘quad’ in order to reduce the frequency of heavy maintenance checks. Ian Goold reports
Not leaving them legless bookmark
With an ever increasing number of aircraft types in the air, landing gear aftermarket MRO services have evolved to include exchange, lease or loan, and even a combination of all three. George Marsh reports on how this approach has been designed to keep vital maintenance times at a minimum
Out of the shadows bookmark
OGMA is changing its culture from predominantly being a military MRO to playing a greater role in the commercial market. Ian Harbison reports from Alverca
Power station bookmark
The GE90 remains the most powerful engine in commercial service and continues to rack up sales success through the Boeing 777. Ian Harbison talks to several MRO providers to get their view of the market
Surface skim bookmark
Aircraft paints and coatings continue to develop and improve. Ian Harbison talks to some of the main players in the market
June 2015