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Volume 18, December 2016 | Contents

Boeing going bookmark
As Lufthansa German Airlines retires its last Boeing 737 and the airframe manufacturer prepares to run down production, Ian Goold finds there is plenty of capacity to meet increasing demand for heavy maintenance
Care packages bookmark
Customer demands are changing the way OEMs offer their support services. Ian Harbison spoke to Boeing and Rockwell Collins about how they are responding to their customers
Editorial comment - December 2016 bookmark
Appearances can be deceptive they say, but appearances seem to be a new trend as more and more airlines are changing their interiors.
Getting smart bookmark
The PW100 engine fleet is seeing retirements more or less match new deliveries but customer expectations are introducing new service offerings. Ian Harbison reports
Growing pains bookmark
A rapidly expanding MRO industry is failing to attract enough new entrants to match demand. Mario Pierobon spoke to some leading players about the challenges they face
Number crunching bookmark
There is an ever-increasing amount of data being made available from aircraft and their systems. Turning it into useful information that helps their customers is a new challenge for MRO providers
Package deal bookmark
Passenger to cargo conversions are thriving, with high demand but some technical issues standing in the way. Ian Harbison spoke to some of the main players
Power packs bookmark
Today, the proportion of nacelle MRO work carried out by nacelle manufacturers is rising, says George Marsh
Rainbow coalition bookmark
IAC is a combination of paint companies on both sides of the Atlantic that is keeping busy and looking to expand further
Skin deep bookmark
A new dent mapping system is drastically reducing process times and providing greater accuracy. Ian Harbison reports
December 2016