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Editorial Comment - June 2019

A recurring theme in recent years has been the shortage of new recruits as technicians and engineers, especially in North America and Europe.

It is important to see events like the 2019 Aerospace Maintenance Competition presented by Snap-On, which not only provides an opportunity for established career professionals to show off their skills but provides a venue for ambitious students to shine. Overall, it is good publicity for the MRO industry as a whole.

Perhaps a European equivalent would be a good idea but, unfortunately, there is a tendency for people to sit in their own little silos. This is an attitude that prevails and has a much greater negative effect when dealing with the more important strategic requirements for boosting recruitment. It should be noted that this extends beyond industry to government and academia as well.

Training is getting easier with the introduction of advanced technology, with AFI KLM E&M and SR Technics taking a lead with virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).

One of the biggest developments in MRO is the growing use of predictive maintenance, generated by the increasing amounts of data that are available from the new generation of aircraft.

Air Transport Publications is delighted to announce the Predictive Aircraft Maintenance Conference – the very first conference to be dedicated exclusively to this subject – to be held in London on 11 June.

We have a stellar array of speakers covering every aspect of this new technology, including participation form easyJet and Etihad Aviation Group.

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