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Winning ways

This year’s Aerospace Maintenance Competition saw 82 teams from around the world compete for the William F ‘Bill’ O’Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance

The William F “Bill” O’Brien Award for Excellence in Aircraft Maintenance, is the grand prize for the team with the overall winning score in the Aerospace Maintenance Competition. The trophy features a bust of Charles E Taylor, an aviation pioneer who built and maintained the first aircraft engine used by the Wright Brothers.


The event, which is sponsored by Snap-on and hosted by the Aerospace Maintenance Council, gives teams of licensed AMTs, AMEs, international military personnel and qualified aviation maintenance students (27 school teams entered the competition this year) the chance to test their aviation maintenance skills against those of their peers.


The competition included 30 challenges in areas such as avionics, safety wiring, fibre optics/flight control rigging, hydraulics, jet engine troubleshooting, workplace safety SMS, and other tasks. Teams had 15 minutes to accurately complete each task. Teams that finished their tasks in less than the allotted time received higher scores.


Ken MacTiernan, Chairman of the Aerospace Maintenance Competition, says: “The Aerospace Maintenance Competition is a venue for aircraft technicians and students from around the world to come and compete against each other. But the competition is designed to show the public what our responsibilities are; the knowledge, skill and integrity that we all possess. We have teams competing from five different countries. The airplane doesn’t care where you come from. It just cares about the knowledge of the technician holding that tool, and the knowledge here at the competition is off the scale.”


The overall winner for the third year running was United Airlines Team Cleveland. The trophy will be on display at the maintenance facility for the next 12 months.

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