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IAI's Bedek Aviation Group and ATSG Celebrated 70 Full Freighter Conversions
IAI's Bedek Aviation group celebrated recently the 70th full freighter conversion for Air Transport Services Group, Inc. 
Over the past 25 years the cooperation of the two companies unfolded to encompass a major part of the global P2F conversions market. Bedek performed DC-8 short-to-long duct pylon modifications and JT8 engine overhauls and QEC components and then Bedek participated in the conversion program of B767-200 Passenger-to-Package-Freighter configuration, which was followed by the 767-200BDSF Passenger-to-Special-Freighter (SF) conversion program (which was unique to Bedek).
In 2009 Bedek started the B767-300BDSF conversion program, in partnership with Mitsui of Japan, under which over 60 aircraft have already been converted – most of them for ATSG, with the 767-300BDSF conversion program continuing at full steam ahead.
Yossi Melamed, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Bedek Aviation Group, said: "We are honored by the trust of ATSG in Bedek for so long. The two companies are stronger together. Together we developed the passenger-to-freighter business and market, and together we are world leaders in this competitive market.
The past decade has been marked by a tremendous growth of airfreight driven by globalization and the rise of e-commerce. Today ATSG serves the world's premiere e-commerce companies by flying aircraft converted by Bedek's dedicated team of employees. We trust that this important connection between the two companies will stay strong in the future."   
Joe Hete, President and Chief Executive Officer of ATSG, said: "After 25 years of excellent work and close co-operation, we consider IAI to be an important extension of the ATSG family. We know the value of long-term relationships, and ATSG's association with Bedek is a shining example of how productive a great team can be."